ICE Africa Regional Conference 2017

Strategic Infrastructure Development in the Digital Age

Date: 4 April 2017
Venue: Century City Convention Centre

Welcome to Digital Africa

The implementation and sustainability of infrastructure in Africa is critical to the development of our continent.

This can be enhanced by embracing the benefits of the Digital Age, and engaging with the new technologies that are on offer for design, development, maintenance and operation of our valuable infrastructure assets.

This event will explore how digital technology is helping to drive infrastructure delivery. How, together, we can engineer a digital future for Africa. A world where infrastructure brings economic prosperity, improves living standards and provides a better quality of life to millions of people. A world in which the civil engineering industry leads the way in innovative thinking.

“Ultimately, it’s the way human beings, with our vast stores of ingenuity, deploy the power of the technology and tools that makes the biggest difference.” – Bill Gates, Co-chair, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“The combination of digital technology and human creativity in deploying it will revolutionize life for Africa’s farmers by overcoming isolation, speeding up change, and taking success to scale.” — Kofi Annan, Sir Gordon Conway and Sam Dryden

While the “old world” is battling with concepts of the digital age, Africa has leap-frogged directly into a mobile-only digital age. Whilst infrastructure is not yet in place for wide-spread use of digital content, the opportunities for Africa offered by the Digital Age are abundant.

Civil Engineers have been engaged in the design and analysis of the built environment infrastructure for decades, and this has assisted in the wider application of engineering skills than would have been the case. Where drawing offices once consisted of dozens of draughtsmen working under a handful of professional engineers just 20 years ago, the same volume of work is undertaken at a higher standard by just five.

This convention presents new thinking for the engagement of the Digital Age in Africa regarding the sustainable delivery, maintenance and operation of infrastructure in a world where people make the difference.

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Lawrence Ajuyah

Prof Yunus Ballim

Eelco H. Dykstra MD
Executive Chairman of Daily Impact Emergency Management (DIEM)

Seán Harris
ICE Director of Membership

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